October 16, 2009

For The Record: To Clarify!!

I have this small incling that my previous post was misunderstood by some readers. I must clarify any misunderstandings, because my ultimate desire is to bring glory to God and honor to my husband! This is going to seem very counter-cultural to some women out there, but I whole-heartedly believe it is what the Scripture tells us, and we can't exactly argue with that now, can we?

To clarify, I wrote about my struggles with living amongst renovations, NOT to complain about my husband's vision or what he is doing... but because I wanted to express to people that I totally struggle when it comes to responding with a proper attitude when the pressure is on, or when things aren't going "my way!" Imagine that! Who'd have thought it, eh? LOL ;)

It really doesn't matter what road my husband takes our family down, because he is the head of our family and accountable to God for it. What matters is my purpose as his wife. It's pretty clear in Genesis 2:20 "But for Adam no suitable helper was found." (bold is mine) So God created a wife for him for that purpose. And, by helper, it does not mean somebody calling the shots behind the scenes. Wives have been created to compliment their husband's plans, to adapt their lives to their husband's dreams and desires. I can testify first hand that when I have seen women do this in their marriage, it is the most beautiful thing! It is truly God's plan. On the other hand, a disdainful thing is watching a woman constantly try to change her husband and "encourage" him to go another direction. I blogged about the God given authority our husbands have back in 2007 in a post called A-Authority, and also here.

So what am I trying to say? For one, I apologize for writing that post about our renos if it gave any sort of indication that I disrespect or dishonor my husband for making these decisions. For two, my God-given responsibility as his wife is to help him and build him up, so he can be the leader God desires him to be.

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