June 5, 2007

June 4 ~ 1 Peter 3:3-6

I Peter 3:3-6
Our beauty should not come solely from our outward physical appearance. Instead of spending hours and hours on our physical beauty, we should be focusing most effort on our inner self - the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit. What does that look like?
- A woman who honours her husband above all men and regards him as her leader
- A woman who never speaks a negative word against her husband in private or to another individual
- A woman who studies scripture and applies it in her own life
- A woman who clings to God and the Holy Spirit for strength and power
- A woman who focuses attention on doing good deeds and nurturing her family
- A woman who is self-controlled, pure, busy at home (not lazy), kind, subject to her own husband. (Titus 2:5)

Do not give way to fear. (I Peter 3:6B) This suggests that submitting to our husband and following him could be scary and a little worrisome at times. I think the writer is absolutely bang on. A woman is afraid her husband won't lead well, or do something stupid, so she is always tempted to try leading herself or pushing her own idea on her husband. This is counter-productive. What person feels more confident to lead when they're being told by another that they're not doing a good job? Women destroy the leadership in their man. Instead of encouraging their man and praying for them, the woman takes over and tries to show him she can do a better job. How awful. But it happens everywhere and is a struggle in every marriage.

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Amanda said...

So if your husband makes a bad decision, is it the wife's place to advise him of making a different decision or is it the wife's place to sit quietly by and suffer the consequences with the man?