April 12, 2009

He Has Risen Indeed

Being Easter Sunday, it's only appropriate to reflect on what Christ has done for me. Words cannot express what's in my soul; I can only sigh my thanks and continue to rest in His hands. Thank you Lord.

Lately my husband and I have had one of Switchfoot's songs "We Were Meant For So Much More," on our minds. Processing in our minds where God wants us to serve Him as a family has brought many anxieties, questions, and priorities to a head. God is definitely leading us in a new direction and even though my flesh fears many things, my soul sings and anticipates witnessing wonderful works of God in our lives. Despite fears and anxieties about the future, I know I can rest in Him who holds the whole world in His hands. When everything around me is changing and shifting, God is constant, He is my strength. 

Thank you Father for giving me access to Your perfect Son, Jesus Christ. Without Him, I am nothing.


Amanda said...

Can't wait to hear what He has in store for you!

parrishfarm said...

\congrats on your third child coming!I did not know when I saw you on Sunday.