April 8, 2009

Seek the Lord

Seeking the Lord has been on the forefront of my heart lately. Not that I should ever be doing anything less, but you know how it is, right?

This whole subject of childbearing has had me thinking hard. Putting all of these large family movements aside, because (dare I say it) they remind me more of cults than encouraging people to seek the Lord for their family size, I have come to the conclusion that following and submissing to my husband is my calling. This is the way I obey God. If I were to stamp my feet and demand my husband to give me more children and tell him he isn't in God's will by stopping at 3 or 2 or 8, I am NOT obeying God myself! How hypocritical to push him into thinking he's not obeying God by having more and more children when I, his wife, refuse to be obedient in my own role.

To wrap up this topic, I think society too often sees children as a burden and something that gets in the way of their own selfish plans rather than the blessing God intends them to be. This is the real issue. On what basis are we making our family-size decisions. Of course, the reasons will be different for every family. Hasn't God made every family unique? Ill-motives could also be the cause of having many children. Pride? This is no issue to take to the streets and ask your friends about. This is an issue to be sought with the Lord with your husband. No parents, no friends. This is the family God gave you and your husband. He will give the two of you wisdom and strength to raise them for His glory, if you ask Him.

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Amanda said...

hm I love this. Thank you for sharing!