March 31, 2009

Let God Decide How Many Children We Have?

Well, I have come to one of the more controversial topics in my ladies Bible Study. I am grappling with it... that's for sure, not to mention trying to talk about some of these biblical concepts with my husband.

This lie satan sows goes something like this: "It's up to you to decide the size of your family"

I can hear the gasps across the internet already. If submission to our husbands isn't difficult enough... check this one out. We, as women, have been indoctrinated by our world and culture. We actually think we have the right to limit life and reproduction. Did you know that we aren't actually re-populating the earth at a healthy rate right now? I'm talking about caucasian people, specifically. There aren't actually enough people out there to enter the work force at the same rate as people retiring from their careers. School registration is down. People are having one and two children, if any, these days.

Now, I would definitely agree that God has a different family size in mind for everyone. Not every woman is destined to bear a dozen or so children. Putting the world aside for a moment, what do we as Christian women think about this topic?

Some of the reasons which most people, even Christian families, determine their family size is often based on fear, selfishness, and natural or human reasoning. Consider the following reasons people base this decision on (taken from Lies Women Believe):
  • "How will we ever provide for more children? We're barely making ends meet, as it is. What about college tuition?
  • "I can't physically handle more children. I'm exhausted trying to take care of the two I already have.
  • "I just don't have the patience to handle a lot of children."
  • "If we have more children, we won't have enough time for us as a couple."
  • "My friends (or parents) will think we're crazy if we have more kids. They already think we have too many."
  • "If we were to let the Lord decide how many children we should have, we'd have two dozen kids!"

The world says children are a burden. But God's Word clearly indicates children are of the greatest blessings He can give to married couples. (Psalm 127:3-5)

I am still working through some of these truths and trying to understand how they look in my family's life. But I will challenge you, dear reader, with this. What have you based this aspect of your life on? Fear? Convenience? Understand this, God promises wisdom to those who ask for it, and the joy of the Lord WILL be your STRENGTH.

Amen, thank you Jesus!

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Amanda said...

I appreciate how much time and thought you put into this entry. It's a challenging thought and perhaps not one I entirely agree with, but interesting nonetheless. Love your thought processes!

Amanda said... Looks like someone else people are having this discussion!

Lori said...

Hi, interesting topic... I was wondering if you could elaborate on what you mean by this?

"Did you know that we aren't actually re-populating the earth at a healthy rate right now? I'm talking about caucasian people, specifically."

I was wondering why Caucasian people specifically? For example, by law Chinese citizens are only allowed to have one child...

I'm not trying to be difficult, I just want to understand! Thanks!

Karina said...

Hi Lori, I appreciate your comment and tried to clarify in my most recent post. I hope it helps.

Kashi said...

Hi my husband and I have been walking through this same challenge for the past five years. In those five years we've had three more children, bringing our total to five. We are currently expecting number six in about four weeks. Trusting God completely in this area is still hard for us. thanks for the encouragement that we are doing the right thing.