June 24, 2009

What Is God's Will

This post is to follow up on one that I wrote a few months ago, Let God Decide How Many Children We Have?

I received a comment from a reader who asks “Hi, interesting topic... I was wondering if you could elaborate on what you mean by this? "Did you know that we aren't actually re-populating the earth at a healthy rate right now? I'm talking about caucasian people, specifically." I was wondering why Caucasian people specifically? For example, by law Chinese citizens are only allowed to have one child... I'm not trying to be difficult, I just want to understand! Thanks!”

I appreciate this reader’s comment and also found it interesting because I recently had a discussion with another friend who asked a similar question referring to China and their family planning laws.

Without going into too much detail about China’s family planning laws, I will say that according to the research I’ve done China’s social system is feeling repercussions from holding to these laws for the past 40 years. Because of this, they make exceptions for the 1-child per family law.

In my original post, I was blogging about attitudes our culture seems to be adopting about children. I mentioned “Caucasion” in the post and probably should have used different wording: western culture. Caucasion came to mind because it appears to me, in Canada where I live and how multi-cultural we are as a nation, that there are cultures within Canada that still hold more traditional views when it comes to family and children, ei. Muslims. Going back to the purpose of my original post, the challenge I wanted to throw out there was this: let us re-evaluate what we base our decision about family size on. As Christians, it should look different than the world. God’s Word is clear when it says children are of the greatest blessing God can give to a married couple. (Psalm 127:3-5) This decision is going to look different for every Christian couple.

I hope this helps to clarify. As an end note, I encourage all Christian women to get into the Word of God, nurture their relationship with their heavenly Father and ask Him to put His will for their lives into their hearts.

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Lori said...

Thank you for the follow up! I understand what you're getting at... It's hard because I can see both sides of the argument. Sometimes I just wish there was some black-and-white yes-or-no answers in the bible about this and other questions we may have...