November 21, 2008

Tot School #3

This week wasn't terribly busy... but we had fun anyways.

As always, DD helped mommy do LOTS and lots of things in the kitchen. We made a batch of pumpkin muffins one morning, and she tried cracking eggs, which she loved. :) I don't know if I will ever be able to crack another egg without her asking to do it herself now!

She also had fun washing dishes beside mommy. She has done this lots in the past, but this time, I filled both the kitchen sinks, and she washed in one and then passed her dish to me and I really washed it and finished up. She thought this was great! And I was so glad to have her involved in this very important chore!

I went to Bible study one morning, and DD spent that morning at a friend's house. They have introduced her to beading! She had help putting little pony beads onto a piece of pipe cleaner, which I thought was genius! It is so difficult to teach her how to bead onto a piece of floppy string.

We also visited the library! We now have a TON of books in our house to read, and I'm so glad DD enjoys listening to me read to her. We are enjoying the booklist that Sonlight recommends for the P3/4 level. We are almost through Snow Queen and we read the first story out of Mike Mulligan last night, which daddy and DS also listened to. (It was very cute)

Also, at the library there was a multi-cultural festival, hosted the the local home-school group. We visited that, because my friend had developed a display about Zambia and she was promoting her book Shadows of Promise there.

Tot School

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teachingtinytots said...

sounds like i fun week!