November 21, 2008

On Becoming Babywise

I am so excited because my second baby has reached an important milestone! He is now regularly sleeping 11.5 hours through the night. When he turned 15 weeks old we started his new schedule; it goes something like this:

7:00am Wake-up and Nurse
9:00am Naptime
10:30am Nurse
12:00pm Naptime
2:00pm Nurse
4:00pm Naptime
5:30pm Nurse
7:00pm Nurse & Bottle
7:30pm Bedtime

Not only is mommy very excited about this, but daddy is as well. This means that after both children have been put down for the evening, we can both go to bed as early as we want to.

I am well aware of the controversies over the book On Becoming Babywise, but quite honestly, my children and I are so much happier when we get our sleep! I firmly believe that this method has helped enable my two children get into a routine that promotes regular lengthy sleep patterns.

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