November 5, 2008

Seeds of Hope

"None of us gets to choose where we are born or our families.
Shadows of Promise will challenge and strengthen your faith as you follow Mutinta's struggles to believe promises of hope when everything seems dark in a life she did not choose."
---- Back cover of Shadows of Promise

Seeds of Hope Children's Ministry is involved in bringing aid to orphaned children infected with HIV/AIDS in Zambia; Thailand; and most recently Myanmar.

Many people in my church have travelled to the orphanage run by Seeds of Hope in Zambia, Africa called Buseko. In fact, my mother-in-law leaves to go next Wednesday! One of the ladies in my church decided to write a children's book based on the story of one of the orphans at the home. After visiting Africa and meeting the orphans at this home, she was moved and wanted to share her experience with others; to try and show them how some of these children live, and under what circumstances they have survived and grown up. I had the privilege of helping her design a cover for her book, and now she has self-published it and is taking orders for sale. The proceeds from the sales of this book will go directly to Seeds of Hope and help further their aid efforts in these countries. Please visit Seeds of Hope website for information about their ministry and to find out how you can support a child! If you are interested in purchasing this book, please contact me or Seeds of Hope at their website as well.

I encourage you to read this story aloud to your child and experience it alongside them. This will be a wonderful resource for your homeschool library as well; the author has supplied study questions at the back to help you in furthering your research about Zambia, Africa.

Consider sponsoring a child today!

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