November 6, 2008

My Floor Cleaning Solution!!!

So, if you're anything like me, you loathe cleaning your floor, yet you can't stand those sticky spots! One my biggest pet peeve is having a sticky spot on my socks from stepping in a spill or uncleaned baking mess on my floor. Even though I absolutely hated this, I always seemed to leave mopping my floor to very last. Sometimes a couple of weeks would go by without mopping up!

Anyhow, I have finally discovered the very best way to keep my floors clean. My spray bottle and dry swiffer duster has become very important for this job! First I crochetted swiffer cloths to fit over my swiffer duster that I purchased from the store. You can find the pattern for them at TipNut . Then I put diluted vinegar in a spray bottle. Now I can go through my house (which is all real hardwood flooring), and quickly clean the floors by spraying and wiping with the swiffer. No more buckets of dirty water, and cleaning the floor on my hands and knees!
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