November 8, 2008

Tot School #2

Tot School

We had a fun week! It was very busy though! Not too much time for tot school, but mommy is freshly inspired to do simple activities with DD. I also received my very first homeshooling resource in the mail this week. I ordered the parent guide from Sonlight for level P3/4. I decided against ordering the entire preschool curriculum because it is almost $300US. Instead, over the next three years I think I will slowly start to accumulate the books they suggest using.

Now a little peek into our week...

For a fun sensory experience, DD had fun pouring dried lentils and chick peas into different containers. This kept her nice and busy for awhile... she was also very good about keeping them on the tray I gave her... I worked away in the kitchen so proud of how nicely she was playing, until I suddenly found her flinging dried lentils EVERYWHERE :)

No, she is not taking piano lessons, and I have no intentions on starting her this young. Being a piano teacher once upon a time, I think it's worth waiting until they're older. Meanwhile, she has fun plunking away on the keys and listening to the demos that are programed.

DD played play-dough for hours, literally, this week! It was absolutely amazing. In the past I bought play-dough for her, but more recently I made some at home, and it is so much easier for her to play with. So much softer! I am also amazed at how long the play-dough has lasted.

I have been gradually trying to involve her in more of my daily jobs. And one day this week we were cleaning the bathroom. DD loved practicing using the spray bottle in the bathtub and then wiping up with a cloth. I didn't realize the hand-eye coordination that it actually takes. ;)

We have also spent lots of time reading aloud together this week. We got the book Horton Hatches an Egg from the library this week, and she absolutely loves the book. I even caught her convincing daddy to read it to her. Should have had my camera out. :)


Michael and Melissa said...

She is toooo cute!

teachingtinytots said...

what a fun week you'll have to let me know if that parent guide is neat and all!

Kerri said...

How sweet! That is great that she is helping clean the bathroom. I have been letting my little one clean the highchair tray after he eats. He thinks that is big stuff!