May 7, 2012

Thankful For Another Day

I am so thankful because my husband is alive. He was in a motorcycle accident on Friday afternoon, and we spent the afternoon in a nearby hospital in Antananarivo (the capital city of Madagascar). By God's grace, he suffered no broken bones or fractures, just a few scrapes and a sore chest. The doctors were concerned for a concussion because he was unconscious for a few minutes. However, he is resting and recuperating at home now. No concussion suffered.

When I received the phone call on Friday afternoon about his accident, I was terrified. Having hardly any details of the accident, my mind began racing--and of course jumped to some of the worst possible scenarios. What will it be like married to a quadriplegic? Or, Is this it? Me and the kids will return to Canada, alone now. Of course, I am relieved and just so thankful that my silly conclusion-jumping never became my reality.

God is good, all the time.

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Melissa-Ann said...

Praise the Lord.
God is good, all the time...even if he did die or become a quadriplegic