April 27, 2012


The season is changing around here. And my BC-bred body is somewhat ready for it. It has been strange to be in "summer"-land for so many months at one time. Where we're from, we might experience up to 2 months of warm sunny weather, interrupted by rains and cooler weather, and then back to rain, then cold, and more rain. A change in the seasons often means change in activities. At least it did in BC. The cold rainy season meant being house-bound, eating more soup, often sipping tea, reading more books, and (dare I say it) watching more TV! Or following the onset of nicer weather, drinking more smoothies, riding bikes, wearing flip-flops every chance you get, and often visiting parks to let the children run off energy! Here, the changes in activity may not be so drastic, as the weather outside might remain warmer than inside our house where there's no central heating system.

Our needs changed with the seasonal changes in the weather. 

I would suggest the same is true during the seasons in our lives. Our needs will change as the season of our lives change. And right now, in the tedious days of mothering young children, who literally require constant supervision (except when they're sleeping, of course) it is a full season, and at times, a physically exhausting one. Right now, our needs as mothers of young children might include things like: Time in the Word, a good night's sleep, nutritious food, music.

This season may also include needs like this: (in no particular order)
  • At least one good relationship outside of the home
  • Having your hair done at the salon every couple of months
  • Going for walks with an MP3 player
  • Going shopping, alone every couple of weeks
  • Buying fancy coffee for yourself on the way to a park with your children
  • Taking a fitness class 
Despite the joys of motherhood, and the fullness of its days, I will be the first to admit that I struggle to remember that it IS just a season; to remember to enjoy the simpleness of these days. Right now my biggest problems might include another leaky diaper, a squabble over a toy, or ungratefulness over a meal. I am thankful that right now, I don't have to worry about the boy or girl pursuing my son or daughter, or vice-versa; the questionable friends my children persist in hanging out with, or becoming like; their lack of interest in church, or me wondering where my son is at 2am. Now, I don't want to suggest that these problems are inevitable, but they do exist for some mothers in the upcoming season of motherhood.

And so, I am thankful for these simple days

Faith turning 6 this month

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