May 9, 2012

Christmas in May/June

We have undergone many adjustments in our family over the past 12 months:

  • Arrival of our 4th child
  • The first year homeschooling in our family
  • Move across the country
  • Leave all family and friends we've ever known
  • Experience language barriers
  • Moved to a new church family
  • Moved to Madagascar
  • Joined another church family
  • Adjusting to living abroad (list of details, I won't include here :)
  • Adjusting to living in a compound (or gated community of 5 homes)
  • Adjusting to having staff in my home most days
  • Adjusting to seeing the sun nearly every day! (A huge change compared to the lower mainland of BC where we originate from)
  • Cooler season in May/June/July
  • Hotter season in November/December/January
Now the poinsettia flowers are in bloom all over our yard, so I couldn't resist, I had to cut some and bring them inside to enjoy as well. We are also enjoying the ambiance of a fire in the evening time, so it is feeling a little bit like Christmas. Kind of strange, as we are aware of the improvement of weather at home (in BC) knowing they have just come through a very long gray winter. 

It is also another reminder that there will be an absence of normal seasonal cues that help get us in the "mood" for the Christmas season. It will be different come December, that's for sure! Rather than bundling up and enjoying soups and hot cocoa, we will be turning on fans, stripping down, and craving iced coffees or smoothies.

I am thankful in the midst of all this change. I am learning how having an attitude of gratitude really makes all of the difference in the world. (Maybe more on that later.)

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