March 14, 2012

Mommy Ministering in Mada

While in Canada preparing to move overseas and serve with MAF many people asked a very natural question, "What are you going to do there while Rob is at the hangar?" I answered with a very natural response, "I'm going to look after my four children." In other words, officially, I will continue being a stay-at-home-mom, and I will try to provide a stable home for my husband to come home to, as well as provide an environment conducive to learning for each one of my children's individual needs. This may not sound glamorous, complicated, or overly ambitious, but it is the ministry God has called me to. Days-off aren't scheduled, vacations don't come around often, and I'm on-call basically 24/7. Other projects I might think would be exciting or relaxing for me will be left for late-night or early-morning hours, or else be constantly interrupted by the ongoing needs of the kids. Another dirty diaper, another bum to wipe, another meal to prepare, another child demanding correction, more whining for juice when given water... another kiss to give, another hug to enjoy, another book to read aloud, a new achievement to praise, another moment to feel proud.

Motherhood is a ministry.

More on this another time - sans interruptions des enfants :o)

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Melissa-Ann said...

Karina, you look absolutely beautiful. Such a nice smile.
I love that you can hang laundry in side the house, Im assuming since it's so warm there.
Although we sometimes hang laundry inside near our gas stove in the winter.