March 12, 2012

Could Making Yogurt Get Any Easier?

Back in Canada, I often made my own yogurt, but it was quite the process. First you have to bring the milk to a temperature of 180 degrees, then let it cool to 110, add the yogurt starter and incubate for 6-12 hours.

Well here, in Madagascar, where milk as I know it is basically unavailable, there is UHT milk. Or heat-treated milk. After doing a little research online, I discovered that when making yogurt with UHT milk, there is no need to preheat the milk and let it cool (which is the most tedious part of making homemade yogurt)! It has been thrilling to just add a little bit of yogurt to a litre of UHT milk, set it out in the sun, or keep it warm in a pan of hot water, and voila, yogurt!

If your yogurt is still too runny, try adding some milk powder to the milk before adding your culture. You will add calories, but the yogurt stiffens up a bit more in the end.

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