March 9, 2012

A Day In The Life

After being in Madagascar just over two months, our schedule is forming into a new routine for our whole family.

6:00am Mommy & Daddy rise and have coffee and quiet time
7:00am Breakfast begins
7:15am Daddy leaves for the Hangar
8:00am Workbooks come out (any school work that doesn't involve Mommy reading aloud) While Calvin is eating breakfast, Mommy assists Faith with Math, Copy-Work, Spelling, Phonics... etc. Joyanne and Wesley are usually already outside playing by this point!
9:00am Make beds, do girls' hair, get dressed (if not done before breakfast)
9:30am Calvin naps and Science, History/Geography, Bible, Read-Alouds, and other Language Arts lessons happen
11:00am School is finished! And Calvin is up.
12:30pm Lunch
1:00pm Naptime/Quiet Time for everybody
2:30pm Faith & Wesley play outside more
3:00pm Calvin & Joyanne are up
4:00pm Daddy is coming home soon, supper prep is beginning
5:30pm Suppertime
6:30pm Bathtime (on most evenings)
7:00pm Solo reading time in bed for all children
8:00pm Children's bedtime
10:00pm Mommy & Daddy's Lights Out

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