March 16, 2012

Cultivating Readers

I have not begun homeschooling my 3-year-old, Wesley, who is pictured above looking at a book, I just thought it captured my children's love for books. Books are invaluable in our house, and all of us enjoy getting together and looking and reading, either together or alone. I will often find my 2-year old daughter curled up on the couch paging through a book (the book sometimes upside-down).

I hope to cultivate avid readers in my family, or at least individuals who value books as a wonderful resource for information and relaxation. Above all else, I pray they would enjoy reading so when reading the very most important book, The Bible, it would be thrilling!

I can't stress reading aloud to children enough. The reason we chose our homeschool curriculum, Sonlight, is because of its literature base and how they include reading aloud as a huge part of educating your child.

Other benefits of reading aloud to your children:

  • It helps our children master language development
  • Bonding time
  • It is proven to foster a love for books
  • It helps develop attention spans
  • It develops a child's curiosity and creativity
  • Expands a child's vocabulary
  • It's a vital tool in helping our children learn to read themselves
  • Exposes children to a variety of situations and is a tool for teaching proper behavior
 So, go, read to your child!!

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