August 21, 2009

Back Home & Back to Normal

Our drive home from Idaho was a lot better than I had anticipated. Even though the kids were very tired, and I was equally anxious to get home, they did so well on the drive back. We stopped overnight at the halfway point in a state campground.

Our church camp-out was the very next day, so instead of spending any time at home, we decided to go straight to the camp-out; afterall, we were already packed! It wasn't until we were there, that I realized how exhausted I actually was. We had a nice visit with friends and family, but it feels great to be back at home now.

I am so thankful we were able to go to the MAF Headquarters as a family. It gave me the wonderful opportunity to meet and talk to some people already involved with MAF: some farther along in the application, and even some back on a furlough. This really helped me think about some things I hadn't considered yet, or perhaps hadn't allowed myself to think about as we possibly take this step onto the overseas mission field. I am also so thankful that I had a chance to see how their ministry works at the base level. Their people are so thoughtful and organized and really have a heart for God's work. I could also tell that they have set up the pre-field training in such a way to make the transition from here to there as seamless as possible.

After Rob's technical evaluation and our psychological evaluation, we had a chance to meet informally with the recruitment/candidacy committee. It seems we have been unofficially invited back as candidates. They were very positive about what they were able to discover about our family and excited to see how God has been working in our lives so far.

So that's that. Now back to normal life as it is. I eagerly anticipate the birth of our third baby in early November. I can't wait to meet him or her!

Rob has taken extra weeks off work this month to finish some major projects around the house.

And more and more, we are both sensing detachment from this place. Some may call it nesting on my part, but I have been going through my house in a fury getting rid of clutter that I had previously been somewhat attached to, unwilling to part with things. I have decided that the more things I have, the more time I have to invest in cleaning them. So, since returning from Idaho and camping, we have been simplifying around here. And it feels wonderful. It's so freeing!

I have still been working on the 30 Day Biblical Womanhood Challenge. But it is taking some extra days with all of these holidays. What a blessing this teaching has been in my life this summer.

What has God been teaching you this summer?

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Melissa-Ann said...

De-cluttering IS nice!
SOunds like you are preparing for a new chapter in your family's life.