August 10, 2009

Having Too Much Fun!

Day Number 8 at MAF continues similar to how the weekend was. As much fun as it has been for Faith to have little friends to play with at the apartments, it has its own challenges that are in full force now!

There are two other families with younger children here and both of their parents are in full time training right now with homework to do in the evenings. This means that their children have been looked after by childcare provided by MAF onsite for the past few weeks. I think they're going on week number five here with full time childcare, and we can all tell it's beginning to take its toll. I'm really not looking forward to this stage if we get there. It was hard enough for me to leave my two for the whole day last Wednesday. I can't imagine a few weeks! Faith is tiring of this routine, and it seems that sharing toys is becoming more and more difficult for everyone.

I'm wondering if being completely exhausted will make the 11 hour drive home easier or horrible. Time will tell....


Amanda said...

I hope your drive home is good and uneventful. I always find that travelling gives time to process a bit.

Love you and can't wait to talk to you when you get home so we can discuss.

Melissa-Ann said...

ughh, I would not like that either. ( leaving my kids all day,ect)Good on you for sticking it out.

Becky Perez said...

I'm glad I have your blog site now. So, how was the drive home? We took a 7 hr. drive to Sandpoint, ID Friday night and got there at 2AM! Now we're hanging our with grandparents in WA. Having fun but trying to work, too.
keep in touch,