September 11, 2009

Inspirational Mother

The title of this post surely gives away my point of writing today. I have been putting off and putting off writing in this blog, mostly because I have felt like I really haven't had anything worthwhile to write about lately. I haven't felt like baring my soul on here, and to be bluntly honest, being 7 and half months pregnant has scewed my perceptions about life somewhat. Better to say little or nothing at all during those times!

However, yesterday I had such an inspiring phone conversation with my mom. We live in seperate cities and continue to have a close long-distance friendship over the phone. I am so thankful for her because she almost always puts down her busy day to spend some time on the phone when I call. And "some time" usually means 35-45 minutes, sometimes even an hour! I know this is sacrificial on her part. She is still homeschooling three children at home, one in grade 12, one special needs in grade 9, and the youngest in grade 7. They are busy homeschoolers too! When I asked her what their fall schedule looked like this year, I felt exhausted listening to the amount of running around they would be doing with extra-curricular, yet very important and productive, activities!

I have been so inspired by my mom. Not only in our conversations together about homeschooling and child rearing and taking care of husband, but in watching her be diligent and committed to what she talks and feels passionately about! Fall 2009 begins Year 21 of her homeschooling journey. Twenty-one years ago she started homeschooling me, and she has 6 short years left. That is one long career if you ask me. A long career that sees few rewards along the way but countless blessings at the end. The excitement in her voice yesterday as she explained the milestones she hoped to see my special needs brother achieve this year--and in years to come--was amazing to me. You would think after so many years of doing this it's just another year. Not for my mom. This year holds new challenges, new milestones, new memories, new techniques--all of which she can't wait to experience with her remaining children.

I know this has revolved around homeschooling and her commitment to it, but the trait of diligence echos throughout the rest of her life. Diligence is woven into everything she does. A commitment to diligence and quality work isn't as difficult if you're being paid or given incentives. Her incentive? Simply doing the work Christ has prepared in advance for her to do, and doing it not unto men, but unto her Lord.

I love you Mom!


Rick said...

Fantastic Karina, almost brings a tear to my eyes :D

Amanda said...

I love your mommy too. She is an amazing woman. We are so lucky to have such wonderful role models.

ps) I think you're a crazy inspirational mom as well. xo