June 5, 2009

Painfully Close To My Heart Today

Exodus 17
The Israelites are grumbling again and believing some lies.
1. God is not really good
2. God doesn't love them
3. God is not really enough
4. God should fix their problems
5. They have rights
6. Their authority (Moses) is supposed to serve them
7. They shouldn't have to suffer
8. They just can't take it anymore
9. This will go on forever
10. It's all about them
The first time I read through this passage this morning, I thought of the marriage relationship. (Moses being the husband, and the Israelites being the wife.) Husbands lead their wives into situations, and many times wives doubt that God is leading their husbands and they begin to grumble about it. When I read this account of the Israelites grumbling, I almost wanted to slam my Bible shut and yell, "You ungrateful people! Look at how God has provided for you and led Moses in the past!" Sadly, wives fail to recognize God's hand at work in their husbands' lives as well and grumble too. I should really be yelling, "You ungrateful, selfish, disobedient, unsubmissive wife (I'm yelling at myself now)! Look at how God has provided for you and led Rob to care for and protect you so far! Wake up and stop believing these lies!"

The very first verse in chapter 17 reveals that the Lord is doing the leading and it would seem Israel recognized this: The whole Israelite community set out from the Desert of Sin, (ironic name I think. Although my NIV notes say that word is probably just derived from Sinai, the mountain that was nearby) traveling from place to place as the LORD commanded.
It would seem at this point, the Israelites recognize that the Lord is leading Moses to lead them to different places as they pursue the Promised Land. One verse later, the Israelites are grumbling because they camped somewhere without water to drink. They demand Moses to give them water. Moses is faithful; He cries out to God for Israel, however, tones of disgust are definitely present in his prayers. Instead of calling the people, his people, Moses refers to Israel as these people. He is certainly becoming annoyed and tired at their demands.

I can only leave this with one question for now (my children are waking up), how do our demands affect the authority God has placed in our lives? Does it make them love us more, or be painfully faithful to us?

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