June 4, 2009

Those Stupid Israelites! Oh, wait....

I have been reading Exodus lately and am once again dumbfounded by the stupidity and unfaithfulness of those Israelites. It doesn't take very long, however, only a few questions, and I sober up as realize I'm not much different.
Exodus 14-16 is the account of the Israelites finally being freed from the Egyptians and the Lord delivering them through the Red Sea and destroying the Egyptian pursuers in it! The Israelites are full of praise for God and worship Him in song. A mere three days later, after being in the desert, they begin grumbling because they can't find any water. Instead of crying out to God, they grumble and doubt God's goodness and faithfulness. Don't they remember what they've just come through!? After Moses prays and asks God for water, He provides it--displaying His faithfulness, mercy and grace. By this, I shake my head in disgust at the Israelites behavior. Don't they believe that God is good and that God can be trusted? Wait. After I experience God's faithfulness and blessings, how long does it take me before I am complaining or worrying about a situation?
Just a little farther along in their journey and the Israelites actually start wishing they were back in captivity! They are hungry and figure it would be better to be well-fed slaves rather than free and experiencing God's provision and promises. Instead of writing them off as ungrateful untrusting children, God provides for them once again. He provides daily food for them. At the same time as providing for them, He is also testing their faithfulness. Judging by the way they reacted to the other blessings, I wouldn't think they needed anymore tests, but God gives chance after chance. He wants them to learn, He wants to show them His power and faithfulness over and over again. Some of the people are untrusting, and don't obey the regulations God gives about the manna and the meat. And God allows the food they hoard to rot. They need only take what they require to survive for that day. God will provide more for the next day.

All I can pray after reading this passage of Scripture is, Lord Help Me! So quickly do I doubt His trustworthiness and goodness when something doesn't turn out the way I expect or desire. So quickly do I start worrying about the next situation even while experiencing God's blessings and provisions in our present circumstances.

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