June 25, 2009

Back Wrap

With baby number 3 well on its way (I'm 20 wks now) and my youngest currently only 10 months old, I thought it would be worth while to find an inexpensive baby carrier. I've never been one for Snugli's or slings or carrying your baby around all the time... but I am thinking this may need to be re-evaluated. With a little bit of searching online, I found probably the most inexpensive way to make your own baby carrier. There are tons of different ways to tie these things, but this one seems to fit me and my son the best. He is about 20 lbs and pretty wiggly!

This wrap is made out of a cotton knit combination. It said unknown fibres on the bolt, so I couldn't tell you exactly. It has quite a bit of stretch to it, and I think if I were to buy more fabric, I'd buy something with less give to it. But the stretch does give you a bit of comfort around the shoulders, which hold most of your child's weight.

I bought a 5 meter length (150 cm (60") wide) and then cut it straight down the middle to create two 5 meter lengths each measuring approximately 75cm wide. With knit fabrics there's no need to serge or hem the edges, so this is a no-sew project! Bonus! If you have a sewing machine or better yet, a serger, you could buy 2.5 meters, cut it in half and then sew the two lengths together to create a really long piece. This would be even less expensive!

These 2 wraps cost me about $23 - a lot better than the Didymos or Moby wraps that retail between $100 and $160!

Tying it takes a bit of practice. To find many different carrying examples, just search "baby backwrap" on YouTube.

This link shows the method I prefer so far: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFLhddgIEIQ
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Melissa-Ann said...

super cool!! just like they do in africa!
I love my sling. I can still put isaiah in it.

Melissa-Ann said...

you are very pretty