May 22, 2009

Fruit of our Labor - PTL!

A little update on how the child training is going with my young son. I explained what we were doing in a previous post: Child Training.

It is Day 5, and yesterday we had an opportunity to put feet to what we've been learning at home. We went to the park and brought 'the blanket.' I was there for about an hour and a half with another friend and her two little girls. We watched our girls on the playground and sat by my son who occupied himself on the blanket with a couple of toys and his bottle. If you know him, you know he just goes! He crawls as quickly as he can and giggles just like any toddler does when they are running away from their mommy. But yesterday afternoon, he was very contented to sit on the blanket and keep occupied with what he knew he was allowed. A couple of times he ventured off, but he got the idea.

It was so nice to visit without chasing after him crawling everywhere on grass and dirt. I really do wish for him to be walking so he can join his sister on the playground and not have hands and knees in bark mulch and gravel.

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