May 16, 2009

Child Training Time: Day 2

So my good friend reminded me the other day of child training. She was given a child training book by another friend; which I also happen to own and have enjoyed it myself, and the fruits of its labor!

I realized it's time to get back into shape. After suffering from tiredness from early pregnancy, and plain old unmotivation to really get anything worthwhile done, well, you can imagine the behavior from the children has followed suit. The leash has been let out, and it's time to reel it back in!

Seeings how my dear son is approaching 10 months old, I decided it would be a good idea to blanket train him. This may sound silly; and I'll admit, I didn't have to be so intentional with my daughter, but he is a boy and more curious and more of a 'go-getter.' So we are starting YOUNG! And I have high hopes, as I do with my daughter. I believe if we expect our kids to misbehave and act out when we don't want them to, they will! On the other hand, if we train them to behave and act appropriately in certain situations, they will as well.

With summertime just around the corner, I've decided it would be worth my efforts to blanket train my son. By this I mean having 'blanket time' every day and teach him to stay on his blanket with a couple of toys for a time limit that mommy sets. When the weather is nicer, and our backyard lawn is drier, we will graduate the blanket to the grass and train him to stay on the blanket when we're on the grass for a bit. This is to get ready for those nice hot afternoons at the lake. I will train my son to stay near me now, without being attached to me, and hopefully have more relaxing times at the lake with less chasing after him.

He has already exceeded my expectations! Praise the Lord!

Day 1: I introduced him to the 'blanket.' Keeping if very fun, I wanted him to learn that it was fun to stay on his blanket with a couple of toys and watch mommy and big sister walk around doing their normal things. Twenty minutes went by very quickly, and dear son was proud of himself that he was so obedient.

Day 2: He seemed to recognize the blanket today. As I was wandering further away from him, he tended to want to follow me, and every now and then crawled off the blanket. He would place his hands very slowly off the blanket and wait for me to react. Today was harder, and he tested the boundaries. But I can see he understands the concept, and I know he will get more used to the idea as we practice everyday. Another twenty minutes was accomplished today, with a bit more crying, but he was proud and mommy was proud in the end nonetheless.

My daughter loved doing these training sessions when she was younger, and as she watches me now with her brother, she wants to be involved somehow. Mommy is thinking about the possibilities.

What are your training times like?


Anonymous said...

So sad!! At least you're making sure to end his curiosity and learning early.

Karina said...

Unfortunately, it seems you have missed the point of my post, and that is training my children to be obedient. It really has nothing to do with staying on a blanket, but more to do with listening to simple commands and understanding the importance of obedience. Learning this concept in a safe environment without tantrums and emotions being involved is fun and proactive. If my son is reaching for a hot oven door and I say "No! Don't touch!" It is not inhibiting curiosity, it is keeping him safe. He will learn that the oven door is hot, and hopefully he'll learn without having to touch it and be burned.

Jennifer Guitard said...

Your blogs are both a challenge and encouragement to me. I am not a mother yet but your high value of this role is absolutely stunning. I am sorry that your heart has been missed by the person who posted the above comment. I will admit that there have been areas that I have disagreed with you but I continue to be stretched and developed as a result of reading your blog. The combination of practical, spiritual, and personal tips are a great gift. Thank you for writing, it has been a blessing to me.

Karina said...

Jennifer, thank you for your comments! I'm glad that you have been encouraged. My goal for this blog is definitely not to have everyone agree with me. Without diverse personalities the world would be a pretty dull place :) However, if I have encouraged or pointed women to look deeper into what Scripture is telling them to do about something, than God has used this blog for His glory, and that's my goal. It's all Him, not me.

Anonymous said...

Kudos Karina! I applaud your tenacity and ingenuity in getting your wee one to understand boundaries and limits. It can be tough and a lot of parents today shy away from setting healthy expectations (boundaires) on their kids. I was bummed that the first commenter couldn't see the intention and heart of what you are trying to accomplish as a mother!

Good for you - I am stealing ideas as I read : )

Koreen D