March 7, 2009

Soft Chewy Homemade Tortillas

In my frugality and, let's not forget, my delight in making things from scratch, I have been searching for the perfect flour tortilla recipe. The first one I tried called for a whopping half cup of lard for a mere 8 tortillas! Discouraged at how unhealthy this yummy comfort food is, even when homemade, I began searching for a more healthful version of this recipe.

My search took a mere 5 minutes of surfing the web. I stumbled upon a delightful blog about food and this blogger was nice enough to post their take on these tortillas. This version called for a scant amount of vegetable oil instead of the fattening half cup!

This photograph was taken shortly after these came off the skillet. You can almost see the steam dancing above them. Imagine fresh fluffy tortillas melting in your mouth. They were tucked away in a warm tea towel, and my family couldn't keep their mits away from them. Tiny rips and tears were noticed in a few of these this afternoon.

This recipe's a keeper!

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Amanda said...

Those tortillas are beauteous!:)