February 9, 2009


I have been doing sprout research lately, and decided THIS is something I must do, and it is so much FUN! :) There is so much satisfaction gained from watching little greens emerge in a jar, and then, of course, eating them.
(Above) here are my radish sprouts after they soaked for about 8 hours. Notice the little sprouts emerging from the seed. :) So EXCITING!

Here are the Red Clover sprouts after soaking as well.

Red Clover after 2 days of rinsing and growing in the glass mason jar on my kitchen counter.

Red clover after the sprouts have fully emerged. The leaves greened up after being exposed to a bit of indirect sunlight.
Red Clover after about 4 days, it was finally rinsed and de-hulled and dried off a bit. Now they can be eaten in sandwiches or salads!
One of the best sites I've found online regarding sprouting is http://www.sproutpeople.com/. So much information on the nutrients found in this SUPERfood is available on different websites.
Happy Sprouting!


Amanda said...

Wow those pictures are very cool! I gotta get me some seeds I think.

I'll try to get a cheese package together for you to send off this week. Unless you come visit!!:)

Michael and Melissa said...

Hey. I just started a jar of sprouts yesterday! Too funny to see it on your blog as well!!