February 25, 2009

One Forgotten Onion

This afternoon I went to grab an onion out of the bottom of my pantry and to my surprise, it had a nice LONG sprout growing out its top! Instead of throwing this beauty out, it found its place on my window sill.

Even with my other sprouting projects on the go, I am desperate for Spring! And this greenery on my sill is so gorgeous and a reminder that Spring is only around the corner. It's nearly March and it dumped about eight inches of snow today! Unbelievable.

So, what to use this new found plant for? I plan on trimming the greens and using them in future salads, and perhaps egg-drop soup one of these cold days, if the weather keeps up!


Michael said...

very cool.

I too am dying for spring to arrive.
The children and I walked around downtown Nelson today while a frigid wind blew through us.

Amanda said...

So you could cut off those sprouts on the onion and cook them up for scallions to add to your recipes. They are very tasty!

Karina said...

Yes, I chopped them up the other night for our thai style roast deer