February 9, 2009

Lie: My sin is not really that bad

This chapter in "Lies Women Believe" about sin has been an eye-opener to me this past week. I have recognized some things about myself... and it's downright humiliating, which is probably where Christ wants me to be, so it's a good thing.

Those of us who have grown up in good homes or in the church and have learned
how to "act right" are particularly susceptible to this deception. Some of us
would never think of being a prostitute or having an abortion or living a
homosexual lifestyle. We wouldn't consider using profanity or embezzling money
from our employer or divorcing our mate.

---- Nancy Leigh DeMoss pg 99
In a nutshell... that basically summarizes my view of sin for the most part. Yes, I know worrying, discontentment, anger, being argumentative, dishonesty, and rebellion against my husband are sins... but somehow they don't seem as 'serious' as murder or adultery. I like the quote she included from Jeremy Taylor, "No sin is small. No grain of sand is small in the mechanism of a watch." It's the little sins that will lead us to destruction. Eve simply ate a fruit... she didn't brutally kill anyone and then spin a web of lies to cover it up... she just ate. Just? This one single act of rebellion against God plunged all of mankind into sinfulness and separation from God, requiring atonement and forgiveness.
Lord, Please help me recognize the seriousness of my own sin and what it really cost Jesus Christ at the cross of calvary.

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