December 14, 2007

S - Sexuality

Sexuality - His Desire for Sexual Intimacy

Ladies, you had to expect this one was coming. There is only a quote that I picked up from this chapter that I thought I would share: "just as the devil will do everything he can to bring two people together sexually before marriage, he does everything he can to keep them away from each other after marriage."

I think this is obvious. Don't deprive your husband in order to get him to open up to you verbally or to meet any other needs you may have. How would you feel if he, on purpose, withheld from you emotionally until you satisfied him sexually?

Respect their needs, respect their desire - after all, it's for you! Isn't it? He will feel you appreciate his desire for sexual intimacy when:
  • you respond to him sexually more often and initiate sex periodically
  • you understand he needs sexual release just as you need emotional release

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