December 5, 2007

I - Insight

Insight - His Desire to Analyze and Counsel
To make it short and sweet, your husband will feel you appreciate and respect his insight and counsel when...
  • you tell him upfront you just need his ear; don't complain to him later that he always tries to "fix" you
  • you thank him for his advice without acting insulted or like he doesn't care about your feelings
  • you recognize his problem-solving approach as his male brand of empathy
  • you sometimes let him "fix things" and applaud his solutions
  • you admit when you're wrong and in sin and thank him for his perception and godly counsel

I can't promote this book any harder than I am. My husband is not a 'reader,' (which I've had to learn to accept and respect) but at opportune moments, I have been able to engage him into short conversations about the book's ideas. His feedback has been terrific, and keeps in line with what Eggerichs writes. I encourage ALL you wives out there to get yourselves a copy and start reading this book with an open mind and a heart willing to be convicted and changed by your Holy Father.

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