January 3, 2008

Domestic Divas

For you domestic divas out there, I thought I'd share my "chore list" that I sort of follow. :)

Tidy master bedroom/Living Room/Kitchen
Sweep Up
Empty Garbages
1 Load Laundry (Washed/Folded/Put Away)

Mon - Dusting
Tue - Bathroom
Wed - Vacuum & Wash Floors
Thu - Clead Bed-Sheets
Fri / Sat - (1 monthly job)

Week 1 - Clean Fridge
Week 2 - Wash Windows
Week 3 - Clean Oven (Stove top at least!)
Week 4 - Organize Computer desk/office area

JAN/APR/JUL/OCT - Dresser Drawers (refold and organize dresser drawers)

SPRINGTIME & AUTUMN - Sort seasonal clothing - toss things we don't wear (I don't keep summer clothes in our drawers in the winter, so this is when I sort and change out our seasonal wear)

SPRINGTIME - Wash House' Siding
SUMMERTIME - Defrost Freezer (yet to be done :)
SUMMERTIME - Clean hot tub
AUTUMN - Clean up yard for winter

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