March 21, 2012

Where Hospitality Begins

The latest book I bought is A Life That Says Welcome by Karen Ehman. Her focus is hospitality; hospitality in our own home, and then outside of our home with others.

The message of where hospitality should begin was key for me. How easy it is to put on a smile for others not living inside the four walls of my house. Speaking in a cheery nice tone also isn't terribly difficult toward friends. But why is it so difficult to do the same toward my own family members? How is it that I can be sweetly chatting with a friend on the phone, but then turn and snap at my children only moments later once I've hung up? Or the other way around.... and then answer the phone nicely, only to forget the shambles of a conversation I just left with my own dear family.

Karen writes about how her children were her best mirror in the early days of learning that her family actually wasn't coming first in the hospitality area... "Who are making dessert for, Mom?"  "The house is so clean! Whose coming over?" Yikes.

Head on over to Karen's website if you're interested in what she has to say about hospitality. She has fabulous guest bloggers every day until April 6th writing on such topics.

Any thoughts?

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