March 23, 2012

"Just Toes" and Flowers

There's something special about being able to spend so much of our time outside reveling in God's fabulous creation. As well: sun-kissed cheeks, sun-bleached hair, tank-tops, skirts, bare feet, playing in dirt, collecting sticks and rocks and flowers.

As my kids are growing and becoming more and more verbal, coming up with their own ideas and sayings, I am reminded how much God has blessed me! "Just toes" is something I would say when I was little--desiring to go without socks and shoes. My 3-year-old son came up with something rather creative this evening... while relaxing on the couch we were comparing bellybuttons (I know, it might sound a bit weird), he asked if we could "cheer". When I said yes, he excitedly (and with lots of giggling) pressed his bellybutton against my own. This little boy, so full of rough and tumble and boy-energy, was giggling and loving being close to his mommy, and I felt so blessed.

My 5-year-old daughter picked me a special bouquet of flowers this afternoon. Making my way around the corner of our house outside, I noticed her. When she saw me standing there she said, "Mom, you're supposed to say "My, what do we have here!?"" (In a very excited and surprised tone).

When looking a little gloomy, and just missing my hubby (he returns today after 2 weeks away), my 2 year old daughter sweetly approaches, puts her chubby little hand on my shoulder and says in a small little voice "Mommy, why are you upset?"

In the hard, challenging, exhausting moments of motherhood, it's wonderful to think on these sweet times.

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Amanda said...

This is beautiful written with such thankfulness. And a beautiful picture. Love you!