October 28, 2011

When They're All Preschoolers

If you are in a similar boat as I am (all your children are kindergarten/preschool age or younger) than you have probably wondered or asked another mom "How are you managing?"

I couldn't have said it better myself when I found this article. We have implemented just about all of her ideas over the past couple of years and it works so well! From having the little baby on a schedule, to consistent quiet times for everybody to practicing obedience in a fun way, this mother has summed up her tips beautifully. Please read her article - if you have time, or quickly scan the bullets below. (In no particular order by the way)

  • Put your baby(ies) on a schedule--makes for a more predictable day
  • Everybody has quiet time after lunch
  • Practice "obedience" time we call it Training Time in my house. Make up things for you kids to do for 10 or so minutes, so they are practicing obedience without tough emotions in the heat of a moment.
  • Prepare for the next morning Tonight! Get the coffee ready, lay out clothes for yourself, or everybody. Make your husband's lunch. Run the dishwasher! :) Put clothes in the washing machine. Whatever you have to do to make your morning more seamless.
  • Simplify - stay home more.
  • Be flexible. Be willing to change as the Lord leads you to. If something isn't working, make the appropriate change that is best for your family!

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Anonymous said...

good suggestions! It's amazing though how different life is when living in a different culture where, say, your husband can come home every day for lunch or else stays at the buvette for a lunch cheaper than you can make it. and, house help makes for easier mornings/days: no doing laundry, dishes, cleaning the bathroom... (so amazing!!) as for being flexible, haha, that's something that, if one hasnt learned by the time one moves to an african country, God and the culture teaches us in double time!! at least we've had to work on that a lot more in this place!

I'm looking forward to sharing parenting and spiritual insight with you on a daily basis in the new year. All the best as you make your preparations in the coming weeks!