October 9, 2011

Cute Crochet

This crochet pattern is so easy, and so quick! The slippers pictured above will fit my 5-year old daughter but the original pattern is made to fit a 2-year old. Probably even if you are a beginner-intermediate crochet-er you could adjust this pattern to fit a child of any size. The reason I love this pattern so much is that it is quick. These whipped together in less time than it took to watch a movie--a huge plus when I want to make several pairs.

Happy knitting/crochetting


Anonymous said...

i really miss knitting/crochetting, but there's really nothing i can knit here that will be useful. alas. i had thought about a tea-cozy, which would be helpful, but slippers (yours are fantastic!) are too slippery on the wood floors and i know they'd just be a safety issue in our house. :-) Can you make them with some kind of rubber grips on the bottom? :-)

Rob and Karina Barber said...

Hi, yes I had a knit tea cozy I made at my old house. I can't remember if I packed it now. Our old house wall all wood floors and we managed to use knit slippers. Yes the children slipped and slid around... but it slowed them down a "bit". ;) I haven't tried to make rubber grips; maybe you could use fabric paint or something? I am bringing some yarn... and I did pack a couple of afghans I crochetted. Judging by the "coolness" of the homes in winter, I'm sure the blankets will be used! :)

Sarah said...

These are so precious! I'd love to learn how to make things like this. I can only knitt scarves =) I am so happy to have found your blog. Being a fellow Christian (reformed), stay at home mom, and future home schooler it's refreshing to find others!

- Sarah

Melissa-Ann said...

ooohhh. I like these.