October 6, 2011

Rejoicing in a Desert

This desert experience of mine isn't a tragedy or cause for grief or sadness. But I have recognized that I am in a difficult season. Perhaps I will look back on it one day and realize it wasn't really that difficult. But right now, it feels difficult.

What is a desert? Well, it's a hard place. A place of deprivation. A difficult situation. It can be prolonged. It can be a time when we face intense temptation. The desert could involve feelings of fear, or anxiety. What's going to happen next? What about this? or that? A desert could be spiritual dryness. You may not be certain why, you aren't conscious of any sin, but God's Word doesn't seem to be much more than words on the page.

I am certain that God wants to reveal Himself to me in the midst of my desert. He desires that I draw near to Him, cry out to Him, dig deeper in His Word - search for His promises. I am hopeful He will teach me something invaluable during this desert season. I can think of another desert I went through a couple of years ago, and when I look back on that desert experience, God was right in the center of it.

Lord, meet me in the desert today.

I will rejoice in the desert, as I look up to Him and anticipate great things from my Father.

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