August 28, 2011

My Busy 3 Year Old

As much as I am a home-body, I am really beginning to dread the cooler months and being stuck indoors! Even now, we sense autumn in the air here in Quebec City. The crispness in the night, the cooler breeze. My three year old is so active and, being a boy, definitely different than my daughter when she was three! I have to say, I wasn't really sure what people meant when they said boys are so different than girls when I only had Faith. Yes! It's true. He is so different. I have been doing a lot of looking online for indoor activities for boys his age and I just kind of laugh at them (after feeling completely exhausted by the idea of actually getting messy or putting that much effort into something) because I can't imagine him actually being into it. As much as I would love to cover our kitchen table in paper and have the kids finger paint or something, I don't think it would take long before paint was everywhere and possibly being thrown at the other! (Initiated by 'you know who'). He likes to sit and have books read to him for short periods of time... but still spends a lot his time going from one thing to another, wrecking his older sister's stuff, and taking something from the younger....
Hm. He really is a sweet little boy, but his louder nature tends to get him trouble often.
Any suggestions?

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Josh and Jocelyn R. Plett said...

i have no suggestions, only encouragement: this too shall pass and by February/March you will know that you dont ever have to coop him up inside again! :-) My boys tend to be outdoors by 7am and are in and out until dark, year round!

I do think that Quebec winter is milder than most (hm, maybe not more than what you're used to though) and i reckon they have lots of activities to attend as a family.