August 20, 2011

Gearing Up

So even though we have already (very casually) been doing some school activities through July and August, I am still "gearing up" to officially start homeschooling this September. I am working through expectations, and.... well, lowering them! As much as I won't start the school year already giving up, I refuse to start the year with high ideals and unrealistic schedules. Kindergarten is supposed to be fun, and fun we will have! If we don't get everything on the list done in the day, that's okay. If it takes us two weeks to complete one week's worth of school, that's fine too.

It has been interesting trying to accomplish a "little" bit of school this summer. I started out just wanting more activities for Faith to keep herself occupied with. With that, I also got a taste of how difficult it is going to be to fit school into our already jam packed schedule. We don't have any extra-curriculars, it's just normal every day living that keeps us so busy! Who would have thought 4 children five years and under could leave me with little choice of what to do with time available? hahaha. Schooling Faith is easy enough. It's occupying my busy 3 year old son and 2 year old daughter who desperately wants to do what everybody else is doing. Oh yes, and then the new little one. He has his own demands.

This season of life has brought on so many changes, my head is spinning at times. Our move to Quebec (and all the change leaving your former home town and family brings) along with a new family member, starting French school myself... and... well, I find much encouragement from other blogs of mothers who are either on the mission field as well and/or homeschooling and keeping house and occupying young children. That, and the little time I actually get to spend in the Word soaking up God's promises to me about strength and grace. Oh boy, grace------do I ever need it.

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Melissa-Ann said...

hey, i recognize faiths shorts! lol

you'll do great at school, you have good expectations already too. I feel the same.