January 5, 2011


You may be doing some reorganizing or re-prioritizing for the new year. It seems the new year is often the time when people reflect on the past year and then decide to make changes.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss has begun a new series on Priorities. Interestingly, she first talks about the word "Priorities" and mentions that it is a word only used more recently in the past 100 years. Prior to 100 years ago people simply used the word priority, suggesting they didn't have hundreds of things competing for their attention. People knew what was supposed to be top, and it was keeping that one thing on top that was the challenge. Now it seems that we are trying to rediscover what our top priority is supposed to be. And being a woman almost confuses the issue further as the worldly culture around us screams that we can have it all! In fact, we should have it all! This quest for having it all may be clouding our perspective about is truly important. Maybe our families are being left behind as we strive to have what we believe will make us truly happy or satisfied.

Finding out what our priority should be from Scripture isn't that cryptic or difficult at all. It isn't different for everybody, it isn't complicated.

As Nancy Leigh DeMoss goes through this series on Priorities, she has created an acronym to help us remember key points in a particular order.
P - pray and seek the Lord
R - review and receive God's priorities for my life

Can you guess how the rest of the acronym is going to go?

The number one priority on our list should be our relationship or walk with God and then other things will follow and be in order as He has designed them to be.
Love the Lord your God with all your heart soul and mind.
Matt 6: Seek first the Kingdom of God
Prov. 4:7 Get wisdom (God's wisdom)
Col. 1:18 Christ is supreme, head over all
Psalm 27:4 Dwell in the house of the Lord, live in the presence of God

Consider this, if you don't have time get alone with God in His Word, than you are too busy. What is cluttering your life right now? What is your top priority based on how you spend your time, and what you talk about?
As a wife and mother, God is pretty clear to explain to us what our job description should look like.
1: Our relationship with God and our character
2: Relationship with our husband
3: Household and children
4: Ministry outreach to others in our community and/or church

I'm going to leave it here for now. If you are interested in hearing what Nancy Leigh DeMoss has to say about having godly priorities, go to her website reviveourhearts.com and click on broadcast. You can go back several days or weeks if you have missed episodes and wish to start from the beginning.

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