January 6, 2011

p r "I" o r i t i e s

Review God's priorities in His Word

As we set priorities, we need to take inventory of our current responsibilities and activities. Look at your current schedule.
1: Make a list of all of your responsibilities
2: Make a time log and keep track of how you spend your time for a whole week

As we take inventory of our current activities it may be helpful to ask the following questions about each item on your our lists:
Q. Is this something that God wants me or our family to be doing at this season of life? You and I may be involved in some very good activities, but they may not be appropriate during this stage or season of life. Perhaps we need to wait to invest better quality time, when we can make those particular activities a priority.
Q. Am I involved in any activities currently that are not on God's agenda for this season of my life?
Q. Have I accepted any responsibilities that I didn't inquire of the Lord first?
Q. What are my motives? Am I doing these things for the right reasons? Or is it out of guilt? Peer pressure? To please others rather than God? All that matters is "Is God pleased?"

The following quote from Nancy Leigh DeMoss may stir up some passionate feelings, but consider it against what scripture says and then react accordingly:
"One of the many reasons for stress in women's lives today is that they are wives and mothers who are also trying to juggle a career or a job outside of the home." She doesn't end her thought there though; she goes on to explain you may be in a difficult position: single parent, disabled spouse, etc. But if you are currently re-evaluating your priorities, take each activity and responsibility to the Lord with an open and willing heart to change. He will direct your steps and give you the wisdom you need.
Many have bought into this lie that we can do it all.

God didn't make us to do everything.

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