December 3, 2010

Revisiting a Helpful Resource

Over the last few weeks I have been re-reading "Created to Be His Help Meet" and it has been a huge challenge and blessing to me. It has also underlined how I feel toward the other book I have been reading, "Boundaries." I have struggled with this "Boundaries" book since the moment I bought it, and I may go into that a bit deeper later. But for now, I thought I would underline some points I have found particularly challenging and encouraging from the Help Meet book lately.

  • You cannot be pitiful enough to force your husband to love you.
  • You can practice joy and thanksgiving. Every day, every right response makes the fingers of your soul find the notes of joy and thanksgiving easier and easier.
  • Thankfulness is how you think; joy is the abundance it produces.
  • Discontentment is not a product of circumstances; it is the state of the soul.
  • Having hurt feelings and being angry are just different sides of the same controlling coin.
  • God entrusted to a man and his wife the opportunity as a married couple to be a living picture of this great mystery.
    • She is reverencing God by reverencing her husband, not because her husband is a fit representative of Christ, and not because he is a worthy substitute, but because God placed her in subjection to her husband.
  • A good marriage is good because one or both of them have learned to overlook the other's faults, to love the other as they are and not attempt to change them or bring them to repentance.
  • She is a fool to expect him to be a good husband when she is not being the help meet God has created her to be.
  • Deference to your man is the height of true femininity. It makes a woman beautiful, gracious and lovely to all.
  • A good help meet provides an oasis for her man.
  • "A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband, but she that maketh ashamed is as rottenness in his bones." Proverbs 12:4
  • A wise woman gauges her husband's needs. She seeks to fulfill his desires before he's aware of them. She never leaves him daydreaming outside the home. She supplies his every desire.


Melissa-Ann said...

thanks for this post. I want to get that help meet book.

Rob and Karina Barber said...

Yes do! I have been encouraged by this book. Save your money, do not get Boundaries :)

Our Father's Heartbeat said...

Will add the help meet book to my wish list as well. Thank you for sharing these points... I could spend the whole year meditating in them! Curious to read you opinion on Boundaries. We are going through the DVD on our small group right now.

Rob and Karina Barber said...

@ Our Father's Heartbeat: Thank you for your comment! When I wrote this particular post, I definitely wanted to write a review on Boundaries. I don't know when it will actually come to fruition.... A DVD series sounds interesting, I would imagine it covers pretty much the same types of ideas they portray in their book?