June 25, 2010

Ch 2 From Him, Through Him, To Him

"The true woman who trusts God doesn't have to strive." pg. 42

How often have you ended your day and thought, "Wow, that was a total failure of a day. Could I have messed that one up more?"

When we are living life focused on God and the glory He desires to bring Himself, suddenly we aren't left having to strive anymore. A true woman trusts that her past failures are not beyond the reach of God's redeeming grace and that He will use those surrendered issues for His glory in His own way. Nothing is beyond His plan and repair. Martin Luther said this once, "God can draw a straight line with a crooked stick."

Living a God-centered life, rather than a me-centered life frees women from feeling like they have to have everything under control, and frees them from fear. It's all about Him! This morning in my quiet time I was struck afresh by Jesus' words to His Heavenly Father as he was crying out to God. "Now my heart is troubled and what shall I say? Father, save me from this hour? No, it was for this very reason I came to this hour. Father, glorify your name." And then God said, "I have glorified it and will glorify it again." John 12:27-28

God's will and purpose remains the same. To glorify His name, and to glorify Himself. Afterall, "From him and through him and to him are ALL things. To him be the glory forever, amen!" Rom. 11:36

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Homemaker Honey said...

Hello! I'm participating in the Completing Him Challenge, too! May God Bless Your Marriage as you seek to respect your husband today!

Homemaker Honey