May 18, 2010

Annoying Roller Coaster / Lesson on Willingness

  • One Day:  MAF says, "We would like you to go to ..."
  • Same day we think/say: "We're not going there! Too scary, we didn't want to go there at all. What are we doing? Lord, are we really supposed to go?"
  • Couple of days later: "Okay, God, we'll go there."
  • A little later: "Wow, we would actually be excited to go there!"
  • And still a little later on: MAF says, "At this time, the need isn't there after all."
Back to square one...

I think God is trying to teach Rob and I to be willing. The Lord has His own ways to prepare hearts for His service. He also has the wisdom, of course, to use baby steps and ways that we can handle! Praise the Lord for that!

The waiting game continues. Where are we going?

1 comment:

Melissa-Ann said...

I have found I have learned that lesson many times....of course for different situations.