May 15, 2010

Almost A New Chapter

Finally, after nearly a month of absence, I have sat myself down to update this blog. During my "non-blogging" days, we traveled to and from the MAF Canada headquarters in Guelph, Ontario. It was the first time we have taken any of our children on an airplane, and I think they did pretty well. I didn't have much time to consider how uncomfortable or bored I was, because I had somebody in my arms nearly the whole time. It was amazing though, because the two longer flights, from Calgary to Kitchener had empty seats on them. So we had a couple of extra spots for Wesley and Joyanne for a little while.

We had a wonderful time meeting the staff at Headquarters, and the facility where they held the training was lovely as well. It was sunny nearly the entire two weeks, and the best part... I didn't have to cook for two weeks! Rob's mom came along to look after the kids, of which we are so very thankful. Especially since Faith, Wes and "Oma" ended up sick with a stomach bug for a few days each. We met a few other very nice couples, who we will hopefully see again during this deputation time.

Our days were full! Breakfast was at 7:45 and we were in class by 8:30. Usually we ended our day by 3:30, and on some of the days we had homework to prepare for the next day. We were briefed on MAFs history, and the deputation process, and the logistical things of serving with Mission Aviation Fellowship. We also spent a fair bit of time preparing public speaking presentations, of which we were able to practice in front of each other. That was a stretching experience for all of us! It was comforting to know we were all equally shy.

So this starts a new chapter in our lives... almost. There is so much to do here at home before we start our deputation full time. But we have begun, part time. We arrived back, and were greeted by our massive reno project. The amount of work left overwhelmed both of us. Until next time...


Melissa-Ann said...

Very nice update, Beautiful pictures.
You look really good.
You must have had a great experience and learned a lot. May God bless your family through your trust in Him.

Amanda said...

Yay a post update! I love your photos and the couple times we've talked on the phone I keep wanting to ask you about Ontario and then we get talking about something else. Glad I could hear it without interruptions!

Can't wait to read more! xoxo