March 18, 2010

Preschool Update

Preschool has been on and off the last few months with the arrival of the new baby, and Christmas. Yes, I know Christmas was 2 months ago. However, I am no less excited about our Sonlight Preschool program that we have been picking away at.

For science they had us work through The Berenstain Bears Big Book of Science and Nature! That book was great! So much fun information put into poetry form to make it even more exciting to read!

They taught us about Seasons, Geology, Classification of Species, Matter, Energy, Simple Machines.

It was great! Wouldn’t you know it, though, Faith asked me why the mirror was all foggy after my shower and I couldn’t even explain it like a “real” homeschool mom!  Haha. :) Perhaps we’ll leave the science explanations up to daddy.

We are now finished with the Big Book of Science and Nature and moved along to year-at-maple-hill-farmThe Year at Maple Hill Farm. This book is really nice too. It focuses solely on the months of the year and what is happening on the farm in which months.

Faith is completely absorbing any information I give her about letters and sounds! She is so eager to learn. Exciting!?

We are also keeping up with the Bible memory work the Sonlight program has given us. This week’s verse was:

“A father punishes a son he delights in to make him better.” Proverbs 3:12.

Even though the day’s school workload probably takes a mere 30 minutes to complete, I have found it is best to spread it out over the entire day! In the morning we typically review the memory verse while I’m preparing breakfast, then we read the Bible story for that day.

As spare moments pop up during the day, and I sense  Faith needing that one-on-one time with me, we sit and read something from her school schedule. I have been leaving her workbook for her to do while I prepare dinner, which has been fantastic! Having her busy at the table is much better than hungry and under-foot while I’m cooking.

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