February 11, 2010

On Becoming Babywise: 3rd Time 'Round

It seems Joyanne has reached a milestone all parents are anxiously waiting for. That period of time when baby goes down at night not to awaken until morning!

I have written about Babywise before and how they encourage routine and schedule for baby. I have applied their principles to all three of the kids and am happy to report that all three did basically the same thing. When they were eight weeks old, they slept eight hours at night, when they were about twelve weeks old, they slept twelve hours at night.

If you are a new mom, or know somebody about to become a new mom, I would definitely encourage you to check out this resource: On Becoming Babywise. Especially if you, or they, are feeling a little overwhelmed by this daunting task of looking after a newborn. It may help give them some confidence, or feel a little more prepared for their new arrival.

Joyanne's new routine goes something like this:
7:00 Wake up and nurse
8:30 Nap
10:00 Nurse
11:30 Nap
1:00 Nurse
2:30 Nap
4:30 Nurse
7:00 Nurse
7:30/8:00 Bedtime!!!

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