February 9, 2010

My Boys

My boys having fun on the excavator:

When I went upstairs to get Wesley out of his nap, he was pointing to the window because he could hear daddy working on his machine outside. He was eager to see what daddy was up to.

Aren't they cute together?

I am often amazed at the resemblance of the two of them. Wesley gives these looks that are the spitting image of his daddy. I am proud of this. I love his daddy very much, and can only pray that he grows to become a loving husband and father as well.

Pondering this reminds me of what we are supposed to be reflecting. When people see us, are they seeing a holy resemblance of our Heavenly Father? What do we represent? Are we following after Jesus' footsteps, showing people love and grace and mercy the way Jesus humbly gives to us?

We have been created in God's image! As sons and daughters of the King, let's reflect our Father's traits and be holy ambassadors for the Kingdom.

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1 comment:

Melissa-Ann said...

It s so special when you see your son and his father "playing/working" together. very neat!
The Dads really love it too.