February 9, 2010

Food Rules

Can't say I follow all of these, but I found them interesting and a good reference if you want to figure out how your eating habits are measuring up.
The following ten "Food Rules" are taken from a book by Michael Pollan, of which I have never fully read and therefore can't say if I endorse or not.

1) One ingredient foods are always safe to consume. For example, apples, sweet potatoes, spinach, salmon. These are all one ingredient foods.

2) If you cannot pronounce the ingredients, you shouldn't eat it. Yeah, I know I've said this 100 times. It's worth saying again. Besides, I know you have no idea what di-sodium phosphate has to do with food (but it could be in your breakfast cereal).

3) If your teenaged son's sports drink is the same color as toilet bowl cleaner or antifreeze, it's not a good thing to consume.

4) If your great grandmother ate it, it's probably okay for you to eat it, too.

5) Drink just water when you go out to dinner. Everything else is too expensive, too caloric and you don't need it.

6) Sodas of any kind, suck up your money, your health and put on the weight, regardless of whether or not they're full of sugar, high fructose corn syrup or are sugar free. They are the enemy.

7) Juice needs to be drunk sparingly; it's concentrated calories. Tread carefully.

8) Eat your veggies. Lots of them. Seasonal, fresh or frozen and avoid the canned variety, full of salt.

9) Eat as colorfully as possible. Salads should look like a rainbow and not contain Iceberg lettuce, which is nearly worthless nutritionally.

10) To afford to eat food worthy of consuming, eat only quality, real food and eat less of it.

I especially like numbers 3, 4, and 5! What are in those sports drinks anyways? What happened to drinking just plain old water when you exercised? I stick to number 5 mostly because of the cost factor. I have to admit though, a cold pop is awfully enticing. Which brings me to my dislike of number 6. I don't disagree with it, but I definitely enjoy carbonated drinks every now and then.

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Amanda said...

What book is this from by Michael Pollen?

Karina said...

It's called Food Rules

junglewife said...

That sounds like good rules to live by. One problem i can see is the one-ingredient foods... does that mean it's okay to eat pure sugar??? :-)